In the election that had just ended, the dictator’s son cries electoral fraud. He learns the functionalities of the vote-counting machine, sifting through them as a good housewife goes over grocery items. He resorts to a campaign and uses adjectives againstĀ his opponent.
Somewhere in the city, a boy opens a long-forgotten journal and uncovers notes on a failed dietary plan, research on digital advertising and studies on the supernatural. The notebook isn’t divided effectively; the topics bleed into each other. Additional notes are scribbled indiscriminately across the lines and the margins.
The girl who used to be the boy’s lover sends him a friend request over social media. He deletes it and proceeds planning about the next day’s gym routine. She counts the days to the request’s approval.
Outside, the sun hangs ablaze on what is now an azure sky. The heat is intolerable to normal folk; everyone knows that the evening would only bring heavy rainfall and the heat of the following day could bring about flu.