When In Europe, You Take Pictures And Post Them On Social Media

In the days that followed, the man made a number of posts across all his social media accounts that featured his wife and him posing in various locations in Europe.

The man is in his early 30s. He is always well-groomed with his long straight hair brushed-up to reveal his long face that seem to exude a constant positive mindset. The man’s wife, who was almost the same age, shared her husband’s cheerful disposition. Her chinky eyes were framed by laugh lines developed through office gossip.

Europe is a big continent the man realized.

“You can only post so much pictures.” He told himself when he reviewed the images captured by his camera and smartphone.

There was a picture of him looking at what appeared to be a meat shop decked with all the processed and sliced meat that you can possibly imagine and devour. In another post, the man and his wife were in what appeared to be a watering hole supported by a number of mahogany beams or some other strong wood that only the Germans can pronounce. There, they shared smiles and beer.

One of the couple’s pictures included a shot of a brown leather bag; a lady’s bag with a familiar insignia that cost thousands of Pesos solely because of its name. The wife’s hand can be seen on the bag; the position strongly suggesting that she was caressing the leather when the picture was taken. Outside the frame, the wife’s smile was irrepressible and apparent.

In a video that the man took, two street performers can be seen, one was juggling four bowling pins and another was a mime with an impressive act. The mime acted out a scene wherein he was trapped inside a glass encasement, seemingly feeling every dimension of his imaginary prison.

The people applauded as they are expected to. They tossed pennies and small change inside the hat the performers placed on the ground. Beside the hat was a white dog that obediently stood to protect his masters’ earnings. The performers showed their gratitude by bowing lower than they should before their street audience.

The video was posted with a short introduction which read:

“It is in the little moments, the simple pleasures, that we find true happiness. Let us remember to step back, take a break from all the drudgery of everyday life, and just appreciate it.”

Days before their departure from the Philippines, the man posted a self-composed aphorism:

What is money but a means to a want? And why do we always want things we don’t need? What is money but paper? Material and therefore temporary.

The man and his wife, upon coming home to Manila, brought smiles and little trinkets for his employees. In turn, the employees took the small packages and smiled back, trying to hide their wild anticipation for the couple’s return.

They had been guessing, creating scenarios in their sleep-deprived heads, as to when another meeting would be held to announce who would be the next ones to be laid-off from the man’s failing post-production company. The investment had led nowhere much like the company’s direction.

And now, the accountant is being pressed for documentation that could not see any justification to the declared company expenses.

Featured image courtesy of http://www.lastminute.com/city-breaks/stockholm.html